Real Time text/Electronic text

Real Time Text Interpretation

NoteAbility ENT Ltd supports people with a hearing impairment by providing them with live access to speech displayed instantly as text on a screen. Utilising the skills of speed typists we convert speech into text to display what is being said and who is speaking.

The service is a real time text interpretation access service supporting people in a variety of events and settings. They also receive a set of notes at the end to complete the service.

How does the Real Time Text work?

The electronic note-taker uses two laptops which are wirelessly connected. The note-taker types onto one laptop and the other laptop is positioned in front of the client as the viewing screen.

The note-taker uses specialist software to identify individual speakers and type at faster speeds. As the note-taker types onto one laptop the same information comes up instantly on the second laptop for the client.

The software has been designed so that the electronic note-taker can abbreviate words to increase their speed, but those words will be viewed as full words on the client's laptop. The software has also been designed so that the client can send messages back to the note-taker.

The text can be viewed in any size or colour and will be customised to a client's requirements and needs. At the end of an event the notes are automatically downloaded into a Word document.
Please view our example set of notes received by a client by clicking here

Who is the Real Time Text suitable for?

Live referencing is suitable for people from the following client groups:

People who are deaf, but understand the English language.
People who have severe hearing loss, can contribute vocally, but cannot hear replies
People who have a hearing impairment and struggle to hear in large groups or venues
People with hearing aids who do not want to rely on a hearing loop to transmit all speech.
People with visual impairments who need text modified to suit their needs

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Through electronic note-taking (ENT) people can see what is being said by whom during an event, producing a set of non verbatim notes.