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Susan Sanghera, Derby City Council

“It is often an assumption that all deaf people understand British Sign Language! I was desperately attempting to locate an electronic note taker for a deaf lady who regularly attended the disabled employees’ network. I contacted a local organisation who provided Anna’s details; this was a relief as previously I had attempted to contact others with no real result. Anna is a highly experienced note taker with a professional natural aptitude for note taking and has provided a comprehensive and favourable service to Derby City Council”.

Ann, Retired City Council staff member

“Although I appreciated the note-taking services provided for me whilst studying for a degree, it was frequently very demanding to follow the notes being written by hand. Anna’s electronic note-taking reduced the level of concentration needed to absorb the ongoing discussion between speakers at the meetings I attended. The content was clearly displayed on the screen, with the speakers names simultaneously identified. Furthermore, an optional benefit was the provision of a paper ‘print out’, enabling me to retain a permanent record of the proceedings. In summary, this is a service which I unreservedly recommend”.

Kamran Yusaf, Social Worker, Derby.

“Anna is an excellent worker, she arrives early and will set up the computer ready for the meeting on time and she is very well prepared and organised. I am very happy with Anna’s professionalism and value the quality of her work. Every time I need an electronic note-taker, Anna is my first choice. I am really pleased with the standard of work and her presentation is excellent. Anna is a lovely, friendly person and respectful to me as a Deaf Social Worker”.

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